I ​advise multi-million dollar companies and visionary entrepreneurs.

    I'm available via Clarity.fm for answering questions on demand.


    Solutions & Strategic based Marketing Advising


     I've been behind-the-scenes marketing several multi-million dollar companies for the past 5 years.


    I help my clients to:
    1. Reach their goals and targets faster

    2. Discover clarity, focus and direction in their marketing efforts

    3. Make more revenue online + offline

    4. Take confident and strategic action
    5. Move beyond the stumbling blocks and their current challenges

     I do this by: 
    1. Assisting you to get to the NEXT LEVEL in your business by identifying the next steps and actions to take, that will make the biggest impact!
    2. Advising you how to put your resources to better use

    3. Showing you how to leverage tools and content marketing for massive growth
    4. Teaching you how to be more strategic

    5. Helping you to better understand and meet your client's wants and needs.

    6. Creating for you, tailored and creative solutions to your most frustrating business challenges


    Behavioral & Results based Marketing

    With my degree in Social Psychology and my passion for understanding people, I've been able to help my clients reach millions of online users, sell more products online, and better interact and communicate with their customers (and their potential customers).


  • Praise for Jacqueline

    CEO of Next Level Marketing

    Client reviews & testimonials.

    Naveen Dittakavi 

    Software Entrepreneur (USA)

    "Jacqueline is the best hired I made in 2015! Working with Jacqueline has helped me to accelerate in ways I did't realize before hiring her. I'm blown away! The difference between where I was before hiring Jacqueline to where I am now -- is night and day.

    "Jacqueline helped me to get the ball rolling on a side project that had stalled, and she created and executed rapidly. I'm extremely impressed with Jacqueline, with the thought and organization she puts into her work and I'm excited about the progress I've seen since working with her."

    Daniel Stewart

    Leadership Consultant & Author (USA)

    "Jacqueline is so filled with new and productive ideas, she adds value the moment you start talking with her.  She is incredibly responsive and proactive on new ways for improving one's business. 


    She is assertive, respectful and willingly adapts approaches to best respond to new data.  She is a great partner who deeply cares about the success of the client's business. 


    I'm reluctant to say too many great things about her, because we need her to continue working with US!"

    Eric Conley

    Entrepreneur & Consultant (USA)

    "I couldn't have created such a great business and online course without Jacqueline. She set the foundation for everything to take place. She kept me on track and helped me turn my basic and loose idea, and made it clear. Giving me the exact tools and information I needed to take the finals steps to crafting my online course."


    I’m really glad I invested in working with her."

    "I really enjoy working with Jacqueline, she is patient, accommodating and a genuinely good person."

    Michael Mercer

    Creative Director & Entrepreneur (USA)

    "Jacqueline is a phenomenal marketing strategist and content marketer. When you hire her you can expect creativity and a passion for the work. She uses her background in Psychology to significant advantage and it shows in her results: over $350,000 in online sales in about three years, and well over 175,000 Facebook brand page likes, reaching millions with the content that she created. With Jacqueline are dealing with some of the best Jacqueline is talent in the marketing industry. You are truly dealing with a top performer."

    David Stys

    App Developer & Entrepreneur (USA)

    "Jacqueline was able to breathe life back into our side project that had fallen into extinction!


    She gave us a plan and blueprint to follow and directed and focused our efforts to show us how to put all the pieces together.


    Working with her boosted our project development and marketing work, and we're excited to see the continued results."

    Primoz Bozic

    Entrepreneur & Consultant (Slovenia)

    If you’re a top performer who wants to chase big things in your life, you need people who support you. Jacqueline is just one of those people who you want to have there by your side, on your team. 

    She can make a huge difference between being stuck for two months or two days, and that difference matters a lot!

    John P. Stewart

    CEO, Leadership Executive, Author (USA)

    "Jacqueline has done such marvelous work for us at Stewart Leadership. I often wonder how we were so fortunate to connect with her. She is filled with talent and remarkable experience. We truly appreciate having Jacqueline on our team!"



    Glenn Jakins

    Inventor and Serial Entrepreneur (USA)

    "Jacqueline is extremely creative in her approach. She is self motivated and very capable. She has amazing ideas, fantastic strategies, and tremendous ideation. She contributed to the improvement of our website, started us on Email Marketing and dramatically improved our Social Media in such a way that she added remarkable value to our bottom line and our online presence.


    Jacqueline is truly a community builder and was an invaluable asset having her work for our company!"

    Bryan Teare 

    Life and Fitness Coach & Podcaster (RSA)

    "Jacqueline has had a huge impact on me, both in my business and personal life. I've followed her advise and recommendations during our time working together, that opened up several new doors for me. Thanks to trusting Jacqueline I've been able to connect and build relationships with influencers all over the world, with profound results, using her simple, yet brilliant strategies."

    Sarah Van Loon

    Systems Consultant & Bookkeeper (USA)

    I cannot recommend Jacqueline highly enough for the phenomenal coaching, marketing, and business support that she provides. To say that working with Jacqueline was "life changing" would be an understatement. Within minutes of talking about my business and areas that I was struggling with or unclear about.

    She was able to zone right in on three major areas for improvement and new revenue streams, with fantastic, concrete suggestions and action steps that I could take. She is positive, encouraging, a skilled listener and she also knows her way around a business.

    Heather Dedrickson

    Real Estate Agent & Investor (USA)

    "Jacqueline was amazing to work with!


    "Each step of the way she was thinking ahead and kept me in the loop.

    "We did a several week project together and her portion was always ready ahead of schedule and exceeded expectations.

    "I would and very much plan to work with her again in the near future."


    Heath Armstrong

    Podcaster, Online Entrepreneur (USA)

    "Jacqueline has single handedly increased my vision and confidence, leading directly to savings of THOUSANDS of $ within the first few months. 


    Her ability to inspire the daily grind of self improvement through excitement has opened more doors than I ever thought imaginable.


    With her guidance, I have discovered a brilliant way to reframe the way I look at and interact  with life, business, goals and the ultimate pursuit of happiness.  I'm now fist pumping non-stop."

    Christine Souci

    Author (USA)

    "Jacqueline is right to the point. In one call she gave me many actionable steps to implement in short order.

    I thought I was taking small steps toward my goal, but I was experiencing overwhelm because they were really huge steps that needed to be broken down even more.

    Many suggestions she made, I was able to implement that very day. I am grateful for her direct, helpful advice, clarity and actionable suggestions."

    Grant Boreham

    Marketing Manager (RSA)

    ​"Plain and simple, Jacqueline changed my marketing game for life!


    "She helped open up doors - each full of ideas and potential - that I never would have been able to do so myself.

    "Her advice and training has been priceless to our business."

    Tanja Foy 

    Entrepreneur, Boutique Fitness Instructor (UK)

    As Marie Forleo says - GO PRO - and signing up with Jacqueline has been by far the best decision I've made!

    With other consultants I never really felt that I got my monies worth, but with Jacqueline I've already improved my offerings, created a retreat and I've stepped way out of my comfort zone and actually took £3500 sales ($5300) in ONE DAY! Feels awesome to FINALLY be moving forward to my ideal life!



    Brenton Salveson

    CMO (USA)

    "Jacqueline is not only an expert in what she does but she demonstrates passion for her work.


    She has provided us with a broad platform for growth and influence.


    She would be an asset to any organization that is entering or developing their mailing list, social media, SEO and an online presence."


    Julia Dolowicz

    Entrepreneur, Artist, Consultant & Healer (UK)

    "Jacqueline's guidance and advice has been so important to me. She has supported me every step of the way in my business.


    "If it weren't for Jacqueline, I would have taken even longer to produce The Muse Mantra Deck to the world. She helped me to view my work in such a viable way.


    Her authentic soulful marketing experience is priceless. I wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline."

    Cara Hollenbeck

    General Manager & Health Entrepreneur (USA)

    "After just one marketing consulting session with Jacqueline I knew we had to book another one with her ASAP! I was thoroughly impressed with her. She came to our session already having put considerable time into researching our company and creating quite a few optional plans for our marketing. 


    Jacqueline was exceptional at simplifying the information and demonstrating exactly what aspect would be beneficial and relevant to our company. Instead of feeling intimidated by I felt excited, confident and ready to take action!"

    Stephen Harbin 

    CMO (USA)

    "Jacqueline was a pleasure to work with.


    "She absolutely delivered on what she promised in a extremely professional and punctual manner.


    "The tools she empowered us with will be invaluable to our on-going marketing efforts."

    Carolynn Ananian

    Entrepreneur (USA)

    "Jacqueline is such a blessing. She got right to the heart of my biggest business problem (which was giving me nightmares) and gave me a solution in one phone call.


    "She knows how to cut through the BS and save you so much time and headaches.


    "I consider her part of my core team along with my accountant."

  • Skills & Special Talents

    With a Bachelors Degree in Social Psychology & several years working with Multi-million dollar brands in the United States & South Africa, Jacqueline has diverse industry experience & skills. 

    Problem Solving

    I love a challenge & creating solutions!

    Ideation & Creation

    New ideas & innovation are my forte!

    Social & Consumer Psychology

    For community & lead building

    Marketing Strategy & Analysis

    Creating, executing & measuring

    Digital & Online Marketing

    Integrating websites, social & email

    Social Media Marketing

    Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & G+

  • Top 5 Strengths - Gallups Strengh Test

    Maximizer: Excellence, not average is my measure
    Activator: Only action can make things happen & lead to performance
    Achiever: Driven & productive and self motivated to achieve
    Ideation: Always looking for connections, new perspectives & ideas
    Competition: I'm driven & motivated to stay ahead

  • Education

    1. Foundation: Born and raised in South Africa -  High School  in Cape Town (Matric Exemption)
    2. Degree: College educated in the United States
    3. Work experience: I've worked remotely for companies and entrepreneurs all over the world, while I've lived in and traveled to 5 continents and dozens of cities over the last decade. I've successfully run several creative and small ventures of my own. I'm a creator, so I never stop creating.

    Brigham Young University (United States)

    Bachelors of Science in Psychology, 2004 - 2011

    (Emphasis in Social & Organizational Psychology) 

    Minor: Family History & Genealogy & Research

    Scholarships: Several, see awards & scholarships below

    Activities: Golden Key International Honors Society; International Student Association

    Marie Forleo International

    Marie Forleo's Bschool

    Scholarship Winner: 2012

    Affiliate Partner: 2013 - 2014

    Ramit Sethi

    Student, 2013 - present

    Member of Ramit's Brain Trust since 2013 and students of several of Ramit's IWT courses.



    "Jacqueline's pitch was the best hand's down. Her pitch went above and beyond what everyone else did. If you want to see what you need to do to get a busy person's attention study her pitch with a fine tooth comb." - Ramit Sethi


    My winning pitch: I WILL SHOW YOU CAPE TOWN

    Winner of Ramit's Pitch Contest


    Speaker at #GGDCT


    Video Scholarship Winner


  • Work Experience & Clients

    Stewart Leadership (USA)

    Marketing Consultant & Strategist: March 2015 - Present

    Jacqueline is responsible for all online marketing development and growth activities. She also consults and advises on short and long term strategy. 


    MotionCraft (USA)

    Marketing Consultant: July 2014 - Dec 2014

    Motion Craft came to me to consult, advise & support the building of this new start-up, particularly in the marketing & sales areas. http://motioncraft.tv/

    South African Diamonds (South Africa)

    Research Marketer, Strategist & Product Manager: Nov 2013 - June 2014

    A Next Level Marketing Project:

    Starting from the beginning, we did market research for DIB and determined they would do very well on Facebook. We've since created a Facebook page for them with over 9,500 fans, built them a new website to gather leads and brought them several highly profitable clients & sales.  www.facebook.com/SouthAfricanDiamonds


    Zadik Productions: From The Dust (USA)

    Marketing & Social Media Consultant: Dec 2012-June 2014

    A Next Level Marketing Project:

    Grew From the Dust, a niche-market entertainment product, from 1k fans to 20,000 highly targeted fans in just a couple months. Assisted in growing an email list & supported the company during growth & with outreach. 

    The Original Scrapbox (USA)

    Direct Response Marketer, Strategist & Analyst : Jan 2011 - April 2014

    Responsible for multiple six-figure sales and for a LARGE and engaged Facebook community that I meticulously grew and nurtured for over 3 years: www.facebook.com/TheOriginalScrapBox

    Over 1200% growth in 3 years. From 5k fans to over 142k fans (April 2014) and over 10,000 emails I grew from scratch. I also started the blogging platform & worked with professional bloggers & created all additional social media channels.


    Directly, my work led to more than 10% of online revenue for this multi-million dollar company.

    Humless Energy (USA)

    Social Media Marketing Consultant: Mar 2011 - Jun 2012

    Humless approached me to get their social media presence started & to increase their viability online.


    Using Facebook & blogging, I was able to built a targeted community of fans for this new innovation & lead discussions on new technology & green energy. With their social proof of over 8000 fans on Facebook with in just a few months, we were able to find more clients, leads & sales, as well as find new business opportunities. http://humless.com/

    HELP International (USA)

    Facebook & Marketing Consultant: Feb 2011 - Aug 2011

    This Non-Profit approached me to devise a strategy to get more of their volunteers to participate & engage with them & each other on social media during their internships abroad.


    I devised a program that was them implemented with over 100 participants. I was also asked to teach this program during a training held on a local university campus to volunteers, advisor's &, administrators. http://help-international.org/

    Acumen Fund (USA)

    Marketing & Advertising Intern: Jan 2011 - Apr 2011

    In collaboration with the Ballard Center and Perry Institute for Social Entrepreneurship at the BYU Business School.


    Intern with the Acumen Fund working on the "Blue Sweater Project."
    Organized an on-campus Social Venture Investment competition & was interviewed for a weekly segment on the university campus as a result.

  • Honors & Awards

    Over the past 10 years, Jacqueline has earned and achieve several awards and recognitions!

    Marie Forleo's Bschool Scholarship


    ORCA Grant


    Academic Scholarship


    Trejo Scholarship for Research


    Hughes Foundation Scholarship


    Leadership & Fellowship Award


  • Creative Side Projects

    Adventure Cape TOwn

    Travel Host: 2015-present

    A bespoke one-day-only VIP day in the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I'll take care of everything! Just show up and I'll take you on a never-to-be-forgotten adventure. Starting at $1000 per couple.


    Click here to learn more.

    Work From Anywhere Coach

    Teacher, Coach, Advisor: 2015 - present

    This is your life, are you who you wanna be? This is your life is it everything you dreamed that it would be? ~ Switchfoot


    Learn how to create a lifestyle that allows you to LIVE and WORK from anywhere. I have over 12 years of experience of international travel and transitions from a "office employee" to a "location independent employee"  to a digital "nomad" entrepreneur.  I'll show you how you can  too. 

    South Africa Family History

    Researcher & Blogger: 2006 - Present

    I created this website in college in 2005 while studying & being curious about researching family trees. I've helped 1000's get clarity on their family tree. http://southafricanfamilyhistory.com/

    Jacqueline's Music

    Singer-Songwriter & Producer: 2008 - Present

    Album in progress.

    Lullaby Video

    Owner & Creative Director: Jan 2014 - Present

    Creating custom videos of children & families with original music written & sung by me. www.lullabyvideo.com

  • Audio Testimonials

    Your goals and dreams are possible. I'll help you get there. 

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